Clara Chipman Newton

Clara Chipman Newton (1848-1936) was both secretary and decorator at Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, OH. This following example of her work was shown at the 1992 Mosher Press exhibit at Temple University and one of the pages is described and illustrated in the exhibit catalogue, Thomas Bird Mosher and the Art of the Book (Philadelphia: F. A. Davis, 1992), pp. 32-33 and p. 97 (see The Ideal Series of Little Masterpieces for details). Illumination by Newton on a Mosher book provides a unique conjunction between several branches of the Arts and Crafts Movement: pottery, Mosher’s publications of the period, and the art of illumination.

An entry and color illustration also appears in Thomas Bird Mosher–Pirate Prince of Publishers.

R38. (Illumination–Clara Chipman Newton) Wilde, Oscar. Poems in Prose. (Ideal Series of Little Masterpieces) 1906. This delightfully illuminated copy contains numerous full-page, intricate watercolor decorations, signed by Clara Chipman Newton.