Book Samples

Click on any of the images below to open a slideshow of all the images in the corresponding series. For information on each of the series and other items shown below, see the discussions from Thomas Bird Mosher and the Art of the Book.


The Bibelot (1895-1915)


The Bibelot Series (1893-1897)


Books Privately Printed (1892-1923)


Brocade Series (1895-1905)


Catalogues (1893/94-1923)


The English Reprint Series (1891-1904)


Golden Text Series (1908-1911)


Ideal Series of Little Masterpieces (1906-1909)


Lyra Americana Series (1915-1920)


Lyric Garland Series (1903-1913)


Miscellaneous Series (1895-1923)


Old World Series (1895-1909)


The Quarto Series (1899-1904)


Reprints from The Bibelot Series (1897-1902)


Reprints of Privately Printed Books Series (1897-1902)


Venetian Series (1910-1913)


Vest Pocket Series (1899-1913)