Temple University Exhibition

Note: The following catalogue list, with minor alterations, is taken from Vilain and Bishop’s Thomas Bird Mosher and the Art of the Book (Philadelphia: F. A Davis, 1992), pp. 11-54, with the kind permission of the publisher. Cross references to the illustrations which appear in the book have been eliminated.

The Fourteen Series and the Books for Private Distribution (Entries 1 – 52):

The English Reprint Series (Entries 1-2)1891-1894
The Bibelot Series (Entries 3-4)1893-1897
Old World Series (Entries 5-8)1895-1909
Miscellaneous Series (Entries 9-27)1895-1923
Brocade Series  (Entry 28)1895-1905
Reprints From The Bibelot (Entry 29) 1897-1902
Reprints Of Privately Printed Books (Entries 30-32)1897-1902
The Vest Pocket Series (Entries 33-37) 1899-1913
The Quarto Series (Entries 38-39) 1899-1904
The Lyric Garland (Entry 40) 1903-1913
The Ideal Series Of Little Masterpieces (Entries 41-42) 1906-1909
The Golden Text Series (Entries 43-44) 1908-1911
The Venetian Series (Entry 45) 1910-1913
Lyra Americana Series (Entries 46-47)1915-1920
Books Privately Printed (Entries 48-51)

The Mosher Books In Fine Bindings (Entries 52-59)

The Mosher Catalogues (Entries 60-65)

The Bibelot (Entries 66-69)

Borrowing From The Pirate (Entries 70-75)