Mosher Manuscripts

The following manuscript material appears in the Bishop Collection. The initial entries are for poems and other short writings by Thomas Bird Mosher, many of which were written before he became a publisher in 1891. “In Biddeford Town, and Otherwhere” and “Old Plays” are substantially longer manuscripts. A number of letters from Mosher to various correspondents are represented, as are letters to Mosher or about Mosher. The letters of condolence were sent to the publisher’s office following his death on August 31, 1923.

The typescript of “That Man Mosher,” covering Mosher’s early years prior to publishing, is being prepared for publication in the not too distant future and correspondence pertaining to the original writing of this work is listed after the typescript entry. The last listing is a single entry for all documents from the ship Nor’wester and the DeWitt Clinton, ships on which Mosher sailed around the world with his father and the rest of his family.

Philip R. Bishop
May 3, 2000

Poems & Other Manuscripts in Mosher’s Hand

Larger Mosher Manuscript Works

Old Plays

Letters from Mosher to Others

Letters of Condolence

Letters to or About Mosher from Others

Typescript of THAT MAN MOSHER
(58 typed pages, ca.1942)
by Dane Yorke

Correspondence Between Flora Macdonald Lamb & Dane Yorke

Letters Between Dane Yorke and Various Correspondents

Letters from Flora Macdonald Lamb

Letters to Flora Macdonald Lamb

Documents for the Ship Nor’Wester (ca.1870), the DeWitt Clinton (1863)