G. C. [George Charles] Williamson – March 31, 1922

This letter was pasted on the front free flyleaf of Robert Bridges’ The Growth of Love (Mosher, 1913), the second Mosher issuance of the title, the first being 1894. Bookplate of George Charles Williamson, Burgh House, Hanpstead and Roger Senhouse who also signed the flyleaf. This copy inscribed by Mosher to the books-on-books author, George Charles Williamson (Behind My Library Door-Some Chapters on Authors, Books, and Miniatures. New York: Dutton, 1921):  “Dear G. C. W., | with all best | wishes from your | old friend | Thomas Bird Mosher| Apl 1, 1922” The enclosed letter to Williamson on Mosher’s stationery is dated  March 31, 1922:

“My dear Dr.Williamson:– | I am mailing you a copy | of The Growth of Love with portrait and hope you | will receive it in due course and be pleased with | the way I have reproduced the book.  This is, as | of course you know, my second reprint of the poem, | the first having been my third book in order of | date, 1893 [actually 1894].  If I do reprint the Daniel’s | selections from from [sic] Keats [Odes  Sonnets & Lyrics of John Keats, was publisher by Mosher in 1922] I shall be only too | glad to have you own a copy, but I am still in | doubt about it for the matter of bookmaking here | is precisely the same as it is with you in England. | Of course I could get out books on American paper | but that does not suit my idea of bookmaking at all. | We are up against the Union labor class of | printers who do not intend a publisher to live | if they can possibly help it.  It seems to me that | Democracy is not much a success over here | any more than in England, and I do not see any way | either country is to help themselves. | Yours very truly, |  [signed Thomas Bird Mosher]