Mr. Dix – June 9, 1903

(2 pp., ALS)

89 Mount Vernon St.*
Boston June 9: 03

Dear Mr. Dix:

I was in New York | three days, but found it out | of my power to reach you. | There was not enough of me to go around! | Next time I will stay a | time longer, and then hope we shall meet. | I hope you got the works I sent. At present I am | in Boston for a rest.

Sincerely yours
T. B. Mosher [underlined]

Transcriber’s Asterisk Notes:

* [Note: This two page letter, from Mosher on TBM letterhead stationary (6 1/2″ x 4 1/2″) and entirely in his hand, is an interesting letter in that it shows the type of trip from Portland-NYC-Boston-Portland that Mosher frequently took, and that it identifies a street address (89 Mount Vernon St.) where he would stay while in Boston.]