Mr. Miller – Jan. 11, 1898

(2 pp., ALS)

(Jahu Dewitt Miller? listed in Dickinson’s Dictionary of American Book Collectors):

Side #1: [Mosher’s printed letterhead] | Jan 11 / 98 | My dear Mr. Miller, | I thought you were he! | I shall re-read the imaginary | portrait* again. | I have not yet rec’d the | T. J. Wise Catalogue you | said Mr Cathcart was | to mail me. Did he do so? | Yours very truly | T. B. Mosher

Side #2: Let me hope you will some | day drop into Portland. Only | tell me in advance, as I’m | a late riser, and seldom | get to my office before noon! | From that hour till midnight | I’m usually awake. | Are you a collector of Blake? | Have you a copy | of Joseph & His Brethren** by | Wells with Swinburne’s preface? | I have a duplicate I’d like | to “swap”.

Transcriber’s Asterisk Notes:

*The imaginary portrait is a piece written by Leon H. Vincent entitled The Bibliotaph, and Other People (Boston : Houghton, Mifflin and Co.; Cambridge : Riverside Press, 1898), a biography of J.D. Miller who is not identified by name in the work. The work is a composite of six papers reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly, the Springfield Republican, and Poet-lore. J.D. Miller collector, Greg Jung, notes that he has a copy which Miller inscribed loosely admitting that he was the subject.

**Wells, Charles. Joseph and His Brethren–A Dramatic Poem. With an Introduction by Algernon Charles Swinburne. London: Chatto and Windus, 1876.