C H St J Hornby to Mosher – May 10, 1897

(3 pp,. ALS)

11 Mount Street, W.
10 May 1897

Dear Mr. Mosher | Thank you very much | for so kindly sending me | the pretty copies of the | “Vita Nuova” [Rossetti’s The New Life of Dante] and the “Kasidah”. | The latter I had thoughts of | printing myself some | time ago when I first saw | it in Sir Burton’s Life. | With regard to ‘Omar’, if | I can at any time | manage to do so I will | send you a copy. I feel | somewhat as if I owed | you one, as I made use of | your Bibliography of the | English & American editions. | (with an acknowledgment | of the source from which | it was derived.) | I had a visit a few | days ago from a brother | amateur printer from | New York – Dr. F. Hopkins, | who has lately set up a | Press [Marion Press], and like myself | does all his work with | his own hands. | Yours truly | CH StJ Hornby.