Gordon Bottomley to Mrs. E. A. Harris – March 27, 1919

(1 1/2 pp., ALS)

March 27th,


Dear Madam [Mrs. E. A. Harris],

Thank you for your letter, and for the | very kind things you say about my work.

In normal circumstances your request | would have placed me in a difficulty; for I could not | then have granted it without unfairness to my | publishers, and yet I should not have liked to | seem churlish in a matter that is, naturally, | gratifying to me.

There are, however, so many difficulties | at this moment in procuring the books you name | that I fear you could not possibly have them in | time for your meeting; so I enclose herewith | (i) a set of sheets of “A Vision of Giorgione” and (ii) the Bibelot edition of “A Riding to Lithend”.

I must beg you to take much care | of them, and I cannot procure more from America | at present; and, in especial, please do not cut the | “Giorgione” sheets, but unfold for reading, as they | are meant to be bound in their present condition.

I shall be glad if you can let me | have them again next week.

My collected plays are to be issue by | Messrs. Constable as soon as conditions permit; | and I believe you can still obtain copies of | “The Riding to Lithend” and “Midsummer Eve” | in the large, hand-printed and beautifully | illustrated limited editions issued many years | ago by Mr. James Guthrie, The Pear Tree Press, Flansham, near Bognor, Sussex.

Again thanking you for your interest, I am | yours very sincerely

Gordon Bottomley.