Updates – 2019

February 3, 2019

Entries added to Research and Publications by Philip R. Bishop:

  1. Bishop, Philip R. “Summary of Acquisitions to the Mosher Collection 2018 through January 2019” details 30 items (or groups of items) newly entered into the collection, and “Léon Maillard’s ‘La Flore Ornamentale’ Masterpiece / Exhibition Binding on one of four vellum copies of D. G. Rossetti’s Poems (Mosher, 1902)” which presents the binding itself and the acquisition process.

Entries added to Books Printed on Roman Vellum in the Bishop Collection:

  1. Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. POEMS, 1902. Copy No. 2 of 4. Bound by Léon Maillard of the Club Bindery. The William Henry Poor copy.
  2. Symons, Arthur. LYRICS, 1903. Copy No. 3 of 10 printed on Roman vellum and bound by Eleanore I. Swerigen.