Updates – 2020

August 27, 2020

Entry added to Research and Publications by Philip R. Bishop:

Bishop, Philip R. “LEAPS & BOUNDS: New Acquisitions after May 2020” updates the material which has entered the Mosher Collection since the end of May. Included are (1) a number of books from Mosher’s library, some of which are significant to the Mosher bibliography, (2) a Mosher association surrounding a three-volume set of The Idylls and Epigrams of Theocritus…, (3) two vellum printings, one being the William F. Gable copy of MEMORIES OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN with a lovely full-page inscription by T. B. Mosher, (4) an Arts & Crafts binding by Grace Parrish of St. Louis, and (5) other sundries including an announcement of an upcoming article in the Rockwell Kent Review. A new comparative census of vellum printings of the Mosher Books is also now newly provided.

Three entries added to Books Printed on Roman Vellum in the Bishop Collection:

  • Symonds, John Addington. FRAGILIA LABILIA, 1902. Copy No. 3 of 5 printed on Roman vellum, signed by the publisher. Bound in decorated suede calf, doublures of brown morocco and elaborate gilt lotus designs. the Gertrude Cowdin copy.
  • Tynan, Katherine. A LITTLE BOOK OF XXIV CAROLS, 1907. Copy #1 of 5 printed on Roman vellum, signed by Mosher. In sheet and slipcase.
  • Whitman, Walt. MEMORIES OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN, 1912. Large quarto, copy No. 3 of 10 signed by Mosher, printed on heavy gauge Roman vellum and bound in classic vellum with silk ties. The William F. Gable copy with Mosher’s full page inscription to Gable on December 20, 1912: My dear Gable, I feel much flattered that you should decide upon owning a copy of the greatest poem by the greatest poet upon the greatest American that ever lived. To have my name associated with theirs, as publisher only, is to my mind the most covetable thing I have done, or may ever hope to do in the years, few or many, remaining to me. Ever your friend, Thomas Bird Mosher.” Frontispiece photo-portrait of Lincoln on vellum. Mosher himself described it as a choice book “that princes may complete for but only Huntingtons can buy.”–Mosher to W. Irving Way, July 15, 1914.

Update counts on The Bishop Collection page:

  • Increase books printed on real vellum from 34 to 38.
  • Increase full and three quarter leather bindings exhibiting some of the finest work of English and American binders from 360 to 435.

June 8, 2020

Entry added to Research and Publications by Philip R. Bishop:

Bishop, Philip R. “New Acquisitions to the Bishop Collection of Thomas Bird Mosher and the Mosher Press” updates the material which has entered the Mosher Collection since September 2019. Included is a write-up on a special signed and inscribed copy of Deirdrê and the Sons of Usna by some of the attendees at A KELTIC EVENING in Manhattan, 1906; numerous special Mosher Press books; and three books from Mosher’s library, including one which is the original source text for his publication, The Dead Leman. The remainder of the article canvasses the newly acquired fine bindings on Mosher publications which have been added to the collection’s over 400 other bindings. Addendum: Yet another has entered the fold, this being a Morrell binding it took 27 years to acquire.