Updates – 2021

May 8, 2021

Entry added to Research and Publications by Philip R. Bishop:

Bishop, Philip R. “A Unique Rockwell Kent Designed Binding, and the Rockwell Kent Review Article It Prompted.” This unique binding design Rockwell Kent used on the text-block of Thomas Bird Mosher’s edition of The Romance of Tristan and Iseult(Mosher, 1922) is here presented along with the entire article as it just appears in the Rockwell Kent Review.  Kent’s own title-page was inserted in place of Thomas Bird Mosher’s, and the whole was bound by Donnelley of Chicago to Kent’s specifications. The editor of the Rockwell Kent Review notes, “…Kent designed the special binding for his wife’s personal copy of Tristran and Iseult, a simple graphic that would be repurposed to greater glory and mystery, as resolved here by Phil Bishop.”—p. [1]