Updates 2008-2006

September 25, 2008

Added four new essays published in the September 2008 issue of Endpapers. Also added new books from Mosher’s library.

March 1 & May 21, 2008

Added Sunday News article on Bishop and story behind a Mosher book appearing in a foreign film, and added the new essay “The Lost Galleon Found” from the March issue of the Delaware Bibliophiles’ Endpapers (see credits page). Added several new bindings to the page on Fine Bindings. Added several letters to the Mosher manuscripts in The Bishop Collection; also added several books from Mosher’s library. Added the Delaware Art Museum to the Exhibitions page, and added other exhibition updates relating to the Eragny Press exhibition. Under Exhibitions added two talks on Mosher, one to the Manchester Bibliographical Society in Manchester on March 17 and one to The Baxter Society in Portland, Maine on May 14, 2008. Added more books from Mosher’s library to the Bishop Collection.

August 1, 2007

Updated books from Mosher’s library and Mosher books printed on vellum. Updated the biographical statement on Bishop. Also included the Grolier Club’s exhibition “Illustrating the Good Life–The Pissarros’ Eragny Press, 1894-1914” in which several Mosher Press items were prominently displayed.

March 20, 2007

Updated links throughout; added several “boxed set” additions and books from Mosher’s library; added new exhibition “Illustrating the Good Life – The Pissarros’ Eragny Press, 1894-1914” and link to the Mosher entries in that exhibition; provided link to latest essay “When a List begins to Dwindle–Memento Mori.

November 13, 2006

Under the Bishop collection: added numerous books to Mosher’s Library, added correspondence from Mosher including an archive of material to bookseller/publisher Charles S. Pratt, added an original source text for the Vest Pocket Aucassin and Nicolete, added another book printed on vellum from the Williard library, and added an archive of material relating to the 1906 publishing of Circum Praecordia, added material surrounding the publishing of Corra Fabbri’s poetry. Also two extra-illuminated books were added, and several bindings including one executed by Charlotte Strouse, wife of the noted Mosher collector Norman Strouse.