Updates – 2015

September 8, 2015

Included are four new essays for the fall issue of Endpapers, including an essay on a Mosher inscription to famed book collector William F. Gable; a training binding by the Long Island suffragist Rosalie Gardner Jones; the acquisition of numerous very limited Japan vellum Mosher books; a 1917 binding signed M-E-T on Francis Thompson’s Shelley: An Essay (Mosher, 1912); a newly acquired Japan vellum copy of Fragilia Labilia in binding once owned by the American minister to China—J. V. A. MacMurray; a copy of Mosher’s 1926 catalogue inscribed by John L. Foley to Dean Archibald Lewis Boulton of Columbia University; a strange copy of The Lotus with Mosher’s ad; acquisition of the Henry William Poor copy of Swinburne’s Poems & Ballads (Mosher, 1904) with a letter from Mosher to H. W. Poor; and signed and inscribed copies of Robert Bruce Stewart’s Fair Play’s a Jewel (2015) which uses Mosher as a pivotal character. The essays also commemorate the 25th anniversary of the plaque honoring Mosher at 45 Exchange St. in Portland, Maine, and give a tribute to Gordon Peiffer as past editor of Endpapers. An account of the acquisition of a Mosher book from Charles Frederick Eaton’s ‘The Arts & Crafts’ Shop in Santa Barbara, California (calligraphy by Robert Wilson Hyde) is included. Finally thirteen more books with Mosher’s bookplate are recorded as being added to the Bishop Collection.

April 12, 2015

American Bungalow magazine article

February 7, 2015

Including five essays for the spring issue of Endpapers: a brief essay on signed and inscribed copies of Mosher’s edition of Yeats’s The Land of Heart’s Desire; an essay on some spinoffs of the Mosher Collection including the Mosher Press website; additional research on an Ellen Gates Starr binding; an essay on a newly acquire Hans Asper binding on an ‘Old World Edition’ of Mosher’s Rubaiyat; and lastly, a listing of all the new additions to the Mosher Collection since the fall issue of Endpapers.